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FordCom forum for programming at ford

Our new forum is online. Everything, like our website, is about programming and coding on Ford vehicles. The basic language in the forum is English. We ask you to stick to it.

FF2Dash+ – the ultimativ add-on for your Ford Focus 2 facelift

Ohm startlogo? read fault codes in boardcomputer? see live parameters? get a gauge sweep? no problem! The FF2Dash+ will bring this features to your Ford Focus 2 board computer. Visit – you can select language at bottom left in sidebar.

Sync 3 F8 Map

Sync 3 F8 MAP / VOICE / LICENSE Now ready to Download – Download link still in PDF ( only German instructions! ) You like our page? Support us now! Info: If Download before 27.01.2019 – Please download this file too, and extract to USB Stick too. Replace the files needed.

Teile Sensor 5301177 EM2B-17B649-AA Gummitulle fur Sensor – Wasserbehalter 5180730 DP53-17C633-AA Kabelbaum untere Leitung 1910629 DG9T-17A611-AE Codierung DIRECT CONFIG IPC DE01 – DE01 Low Washer Fluid – Enable Einbauanleitung Rad ausbauen 1. Radabdeckung  von einer Seite losen, 2. Wasser ablassen 3.  An der linken Seite befindet sich Platz fur wischwasser sensor, die genaue Stelle ist […]

Ford upgrade database

If you have a UCDS cable and want to bring your Ford to the next higher factory power level, is that the perfect website for you! The “Ford upgrade database” – insert actually software calibration number and get new calibration number. Its simple to update the car to next higher factory settings and the best, […]

Modules and the short codes

To get an overview for the short codes from the modules in our car, you can use these list. For the developer is the correct CAN-ID at end of the line. (Audio) Digital Signal Processing Module (DSP)|DSP|783 4 Wheel Steering (WS4)|WS4| 4X4 Control Module (4X4M)|4X4M|761 Accessory Protocol Interface Module (APIM)|APIM|7D0 Adaptive Front Lighting System (AFS)|AFS| […]

Sound & Connect Update startet nicht

Teilweise treten Fehler auf das das Sound & Connect Update nicht startet. Auch das verwenden mehrerer USB Sticks bringt kein Erfolg. In den meisten Fällen hilft folgende Vorgehensweise um das Sound & Connect Modul erfolgreich zu Updaten: Statt den kompletten Inhalt der ZIP Dateien zu extrahieren wie in der Anleitung beschrieben, bitte nur die Dateien […]

TPMS Tool ( Mondeo / S-Max / Galaxy )

RDKS Tool ( Mondeo / S-Max / Galaxy ) All information on registered RDKS sensors are displayed, such as temperature, battery power etc. The tool works perfectly with an ELM327, this does not even have the HS / MS switch, since the data is retrieved from the BCM (HS Can). This tool realize this! Thank […]

FordCom Sync2 Background

Our design department has just given us a simple Sync2 background image! We hope you enjoy it!  


Since there was great demand to present our content in German and English, we have now introduced the language selection! The whole can be reached by a direct link. – German ( or – English ( We hope the interest of this site continues to rise. Your FordCom

LinkUs Banner

Hey guys, Have just times 2 LinkUs banner for you provided on request 🙂 (468x60px) HTML Code: <a href=”” target=”_blank”><img src=” /></a> (200x30px) HTML Code: <a href=”” target=”_blank”><img src=” /></a>

Calibration & Asbuilt Gateway

We present our new gateway to download IDS CalibrationFiles and ASBuilt files. There you can download CalibrationsFiles of the IDS system as well as the ASBuilt backup files of your control units! (For security reasons the files are of course not stored on our server, it is only a gateway to the easier download!) Click […]

Ford FX Radio SD Music

The Ford FX navigation system can play music from SD, yes, the least know this, but it is possible! SD cards are supported up to 32GB (safely tested). The music can be stored in MP3 tracks next to the NaviOrdner, and then played, even subfolders are supported!