Ford upgrade database

If you have a UCDS cable and want to bring your Ford to the next higher factory power level, is that the perfect website for you!

The “Ford upgrade database” – insert actually software calibration number and get new calibration number. Its simple to update the car to next higher factory settings and the best, the most entries will show you sbl so its really easy to use.

Look now at :
The most cars like
– Focus 1.6 / C-Max / Kuga EcoBoost / 1.5 EcoBoost – 150 PS auf 182 PS
– Mondeo 4 2.0 EcoBoost 203 PS auf 240 PS
– Fiesta 1.25 Duractec 60 PS auf 82 PS
– Fiesta 1.0 Duratec 65 PS auf 85 PS
are avaible, 1.0 EcoBoost, 1.6 TDCI and 2.2 TDCI like in Transit Custom too. If the database can’t find your request, contact the email which is shown!

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